Monday, July 29, 2019

Rembrandt Cyberangels Ascending from the Land of Israel: 1669-1989-2019

Rembrandt cyberangels begin their flight to museums around the globe from the Israel Museum’s Shrine of the Book in Jerusalem that exhibits ancient Bible scrolls.  
They gain momentum by continuing their flight from the tallest building in Israel, Tel Aviv’s 85 story Azrieli Sarona Tower, home of Facebook’s R&D Center, until construction is completed for the 91 story Azrieli Spiral Tower with the shape of a Bible scroll.

The digitized Rembrandt angel ascending from the Land of Israel in the artwork above is based upon artist Mel Alexenberg's serigraph below that he created in the Israel Museum's affiliated graphics center in Jerusalem to honor the great master on the 320th anniversary of his death.  It is now coming alive to honor Rembrandt on the 350th anniversary after being dormant in the collection of the Israel Museum since then.  

It shows cyberangels ascending from a NASA satellite image of the Land of Israel.


The cover of Alexenberg's 2019 book Through a Bible Lens: Biblical Insights for Smartphone Photography and Social Media shows the Rembrandt cyberangels ascending from the NASA image displayed on a smartphone screen and disseminated worldwide through social media.  It explores the conceptual background for the Global Tribute to Rembrandt events as it updates the faxart technology of thirty years ago.


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