Sunday, January 9, 2022

Timeless Immortal Art China

From Emma Qin Wang, President of G&Y (Florence) Cultural Exchange Association, Firenze, Italy, General Manager of XiangKeYi (Shanghai) Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Shanghai, China

To Mel AlexenbergProposal for the “Timeless Immortal Art China" (TIA China) project and authorization for the installation of artistic works in China.

We are pleased to inform you that our Administration, sensitive to all initiatives concerning Art and Culture, is pleased to invite you to collaborate and share our project called: " Timeless Immortal Art - China " (TIA China), including installations of artistic works for the urban decoration of our country.

Professional artists, from different countries of the world, are joining our project, giving only their authorizations, in a non-exclusive way, for our use of the printing of the images of his artworks, on materials that may vary according to the context (such as ceramic tiles, glass, or other materials) to be installed in private or public places in China.

This is an extension of our previous well-received project Timeless Immortal Art - Meri (TIA Meri). We are very pleased to share with you, as one of the artists of the TIA Meri, that we would like to carry on this concept, and spread this project to more nations in the world.

The six artworks below were sent digitally to Emma Qin Wang for use in Shanghai and other cities in China.

Cyberangels Link Sister Cities Ashdod (Israel) and Wuhan (China)

Description of artwork: Computer-generated artwork sending blessings from the people of Israel to the people on China (full description at blogpost Cyberangels Link Sister Cities Wuhan (China) and Ashdod (Israel) from artist’s article in The Times of Israel).

Cyberangels of Peace Ascend from the Land of Israel

Description of artwork: Computer-generated serigraph in the collection of the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. It is based upon the Bible in which angels ascending from Israel come down throughout the world with messages of peace.

Angle Angels

Description of artwork: Acrylic painting in the Library at Ariel University based upon the play on the similar words angle and angel.

Cyberangels of Peace Ascend from Jerusalem through Tel Aviv to the Rest of the World

Description of artwork: Cyberangels ascend from the Israel Museum in Jerusalem through the tallest building in Tel Aviv to museums throughout the world.

Rembrandt-inspired Cyberangels on Circumglobal Flight Stop in Amsterdam

Description of artwork: Rembrandt-inspired cyberangels stop in Rembrandthuis Museum in Amsterdam on flight via satellites around the world from New York, Amsterdam, Jerusalem, Tokyo, Los Angeles, and back to NY. The artist Mel Alexenberg in period dress is in Rembrandt’s studio receiving the cyberangel.

Cyberangel Announcing Birth of Samson to Manoah

Description of artwork:  Computer-generated lithograph in the collection of Kunstmuseum Den Haag in The Hague, Netherlands, illustrating the biblical story of an angel announcing birth of Samson to his father.

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